To innovate and build the next generation decision support systems that integrates situational awareness and mission critical operations to ensure highest levels of real time management and high operational productivity to our clients


To build on our core competencies together with deep domain knowledge to build the most respected company globally.

Our team members are at the roots of innovation engine with deep focus on Domain knowledge, client needs and deliver and be a partner to our clients.


- We deliver excellence and never walk away from any challenge
- We serve our clients to their needs and embed ourselves for the long term
- Our team members are our assets as well as they together own the company
- We add value to what we do and our clients before we expect financial results
- We aim to humble and learn at every opportunity and challenge


C2C Innovations has over 40 years built a formidable experience in delivering Domain focused technology driven military hardware and software products and services to the global markets.

The company has delivered successfully over 500 projects driven through innovation, high quality project management and built a reputation of being client responsive and deliver cutting edge solutions.